The Children's Ashram Fund is inspired by the spirit of service to humanity. We recognize love, harmony, and beauty as unifying values for all people.

Teachers and staff at The Hope Project

Dear Friends of Hope,

The Children's Ashram Fund (CAF) is the financial life line of the Hope Project, which serves hundreds of children, women, families, and communities in and around Delhi, India. We are committed to supporting communities through collaboration, negotiation, and by enhancing community leadership and participation. The principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for each individual guide us in this effort. We develop programs with the intention of creating love, harmony, and beauty for all who work in service to others. We raise funds with transparency, professionalism, and team work.

The Children's Ashram Fund is dedicated to using these principles in our investment policies. We invest in ways which minimize harmful impacts on people and the planet. For over a decade, thousands have supported the Children's Ashram Fund. We have no employees; the fund is operated by dedicated volunteers. Our volunteer base consists of a diverse group of professionals, who bring a variety of skills and services. This allows us to pass the highest percentage of funds directly to people in need.

I encourage you to become a Friend of Hope and participate in creating a world where people helping people becomes the standard of living on this planet. I look forward to sharing with you the inspiration, enthusiasm, and spirit that comes with joining others in facing life's challenges.

With Gratitude,

Chair, Children's Ashram Fund

Board of Directors

Richard Cuadra, MFT, Chair ()

Richard is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist, trainer and educator. He has had a psychotherapy practice for the last 20 years in northern California.

Mary Bartley, RN, BSN, MA

Mary Bartley has worked in healthcare for over 35 years as a nurse and nursing director, and holds a Master's degree in Organization Development. Mary brings these skills to her volunteer work with the Children's Ashram Fund and other community projects.

Carmen Hussain
David Less
Heiko Schrader
Lynne Williams, MD


Ingrid Wisswaesser, Treasurer
Anna Less, Secretary ()