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Children's Ashram Fund
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Children's Ashram Fund
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What is the Hope Project

November 2023

Dear Friends of Hope,

After 47 years of work, the Hope Project is the heart of the neighborhood it serves.

And because of our support for the Project, we friends of Hope from around the world find our lives intertwined with those who are served by the Project. Lives are changed, hope is reborn, and the dream of a beautiful world of beautiful hearts becomes a greater reality every day, for all of us.

To address the needs of the nitty-gritty slums in and around Delhi, friends like you help us meet the needs of fellow humans by infusing possibility, potential, sensitivity, and efficacy, encouraging residents’ enthusiasm and resourcefulness.

As a world community, the Hope Project has been the center for light, healing, and energy for all.

The Hope Project ideals of love, harmony, and beauty thrive through the Project, growing through the years — from helping one neighborhood’s residents to serving many neighborhoods. Together, over the years, we have steadfastly faced growing pains and challenges through accommodation, collaboration, negotiation, patience, and respect.

With your support, we helped the Hope Project community heal during the covid crisis, while honoring the Project’s social workers, teachers, and staff, who serve hundreds of people every day.

We are now working to heal the trauma of thousands of people displaced by recent flooding. The Hope Project, which started as a milk project for mothers and children, has grown into a mature organization that is a hub for connecting and networking nonprofits throughout Delhi. Becoming a model was not a goal, but has become the reality by fostering compassion and good will to others.

A growing idea in India is the creation of parks and campsites for all children, regardless of their caste or creed. We are so proud to be on the cutting edge of that idea, creating the Kids In Nature program, a camp in the Rajasthani countryside for Hope Project children.

No words are sufficient to thank all the donors, volunteers, artists, and visionaries that have contributed to the livelihood of the Project. With gratitude for all we do in service for others, truly giving and receiving are the same.

Your donations are a lifeline for so many, and are even more necessary at this critical time. Please consider how you can contribute to our continued work at Hope Project India.

With deep appreciation,
Richard Cuadra, chair, Children’s Ashram Fund

Vision Statement

The Children’s Ashram Fund is inspired by the spirit of service to humanity. We recognize love, harmony, and beauty as unifying values for all people.

Our Mission

The Children’s Ashram Fund’s mission is to receive donations for the Hope Project, for the purpose of providing financial support , and to create an endowment to preserve the work of the Hope Project.

About the Fund

The Children’s Ashram Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in California which raises money to support The Hope Project. Founded in 1975, the Hope Project is a nonprofit organization located in the Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin neighborhood of Delhi, India.
Funds collected that are not immediately needed to support the Project are invested and held with professional consultation to create additional funds.

All of Children’s Ashram Funds investments will have the deepest respect for the environment, energy use, and  with companies that provide labor.

The Children’s Ashram Fund is served by 100 % volunteer staff; there are no employees.