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Newsletter July 2023

Kids-in-Nature Resort Under Construction

Hope Project Newsletter - Kids in Nature Resort

Resort for Kids In Nature

July 2023
Dear friends,
Our aim has always been to provide health care, enable education, teach skills and promote income-generation to those struggling within our communities. I extend my heartiest gratitude to the donors and board members. As you know, all our programs were born of an unmet need within the community. Every single one of them is necessary and possible with your support and dedication. We are especially proud of one of our newest developments.

Our Kids in Nature Project originated to provide the children with the opportunity of practical exposure to nature. Facilitated by their teachers and trainers, the kids experience an open and natural environment outside of a classroom. Our goal is to offer a holistic experience of learning, being and feeling. With this in mind, we have expanded and are developing a campus ‘Eco Resort Sustainable Environment, Education & Training, KIDS IN NATURE’ in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, near the world heritage Ranthambore National Tiger Park. The construction of huts and caretaker residence is almost completed. We have found a cost-effective, noise-free and environment friendly source of energy by installing a solar water pump. The plants selected are suitable for that land and climate enabling further plantation. We are very excited to have revived our volunteering programs, post pandemic. The exchange of learning experiences and culture between volunteers and Hope’s staff is wonderfully beneficial.

Hope Project Newsletter - Honoring Students

Prize for Best Student (Pre-primary)

Hope Project has achieved a benchmark in its own history by provided academic & financial support to all the students. On the day of death of – and in honour of – our beloved Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, we now celebrate ‘Annual Day’ where men, women and children receive awards and prizes for exemplifying the inspiration of our Pir Vilayat. The recipients receive recognition for their excellent performances and contributions in their respective fields. This year the students prepared the Annual Exhibition on the day of death of Pir o Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. It was after three long years that such an event took place. The purpose of this year’s exhibition was to break the monotonous chain of learning and work and to make the programs more engaging and fun.
The theme was “Global Warming & Climate Change”. The students, trainees and staff from all our programs participated with their whole heart, displaying crafts, models and charts. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Martin Van Neerven, Principal of the German School, New Delhi, India. The visitors included the parents, community members and members of alike institutions who appreciated the work done.

Happy Childhood

Hope Project Newsletter - Happy Childhood

Zahida in the middle

Zahida is the only daughter of Akeejah Begum, who works as a domestic help. Deserted by her husband, Akeejah had to work to survive. Zahida was four-year old when she was brought to creche. Unexpressive and uninterested in other kids, she always used to lie down all the time and talk to herself. The creche coordinator took note and found her emotional development was stunted. Befriending her, she found out that the domestic violence between her parents left Zahida traumatized. With regular counseling by the creche coordinator, Zahida started to play and talk to her and later made some friends in her group. Now, Zahida has been enrolled in local government primary school. She is a happy, laughing child and a good learner. She plays with friends and enjoys being social. Her mother says that Zahida tries to speak English words at home, talks a lot, and is wonderfully naughty. Akeejah looks happy when she comes to pick up Zahida from the crèche. She remains grateful to Hope for standing by her side.

Rebuilding Lives

Hope Project Newsletter - Rebuilding Lives

Muskan with Her Sewing Machine

Muskan, now 18, was only a child when her father passed away. Her mother had to work as a packer to support her family of five daughters. The girls could not continue their studies because of the instability prevailing. Muskan came to know about Hope’s vocational centre at Seelampur and enrolled in Cutting & Tailoring as well as Beauty Culture courses. She learned diligently. Amidst the rocky financial condition, two of her sisters passed away within a few weeks gap and the mother lost her job. Knowing about the misery and hardships, the coordinator of the vocational programs intervened and Muskan was provided with a sewing machine and a beauty kit from Hope free of cost. With the support from Hope & using her acquired skills Muskan started earning income. Her hard work has improved the financial condition of the house to great extent. She thinks her future has taken a new turn and to open her own boutique one day!

Written by Samiur Rahman and Elisabeth Henschel Edited by Heiko Schrader