About Us - Hope Project India
About Us - Hope Project India
About Us - Hope Project India
About Us - Hope Project India
About Us - Hope Project India
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About Us

The Children’s Ashram Fund is inspired by the spirit of service to humanity.
We recognize love, harmony, and beauty as unifying values for all people.

Teachers and Staff at The Hope Project India

Dear Friends of Hope,

The Children’s Ashram Fund (CAF) is the financial life line of the Hope Project, which serves hundreds of children, women, families, and communities in and around Delhi, India. We are committed to supporting communities through collaboration, negotiation, and by enhancing community leadership and participation. The principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for each individual guide us in this effort. We develop programs with the intention of creating love, harmony, and beauty for all who work in service to others. We raise funds with transparency, professionalism, and team work.

The Children’s Ashram Fund is dedicated to using these principles in our investment policies. We invest in ways which minimize harmful impacts on people and the planet. For over a decade, thousands have supported the Children’s Ashram Fund. We have no employees; the fund is operated by dedicated volunteers. Our volunteer base consists of a diverse group of professionals, who bring a variety of skills and services. This allows us to pass the highest percentage of funds directly to people in need.

I encourage you to become a Friend of Hope and participate in creating a world where people helping people becomes the standard of living on this planet. I look forward to sharing with you the inspiration, enthusiasm, and spirit that comes with joining others in facing life’s challenges.

With Gratitude,

Chair, Children’s Ashram Fund

Board of Directors

Richard Cuadra, MFT, Chair (richard@childrensashramfund.org)

Richard has been a practicing psychotherapist in northern California for the past thirty years, and was a program director for the Center for Attitudinal Healing for nine years. Richard has been the chairperson of the Hope Project board in New Delhi India and president of the board of the Children’s Ashram Fund in California for the past eighteen years.

Mary Bartley, RN, Secretary

Mary brings extensive healthcare and management experience from acute hospital and public health arenas. Her career encompassed various settings including acute care, rehabilitative care, palliative care, behavioral health, and case management. Through her work for Hope, Mary continues to enjoy contributing to the well-being of others.

Ingrid Wisswaesser, Treasurer

Carmen Hussain

Inspired by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Carmen came to volunteer with the Hope Project in 1985, and is still here today. Carmen is a trained educator from Germany, and has been the head of the elementary department at the German Embassy School in New Delhi for thirty years. At Hope, she was the ED between 1989 and 2000; since then she has served on the Hope Project board in India and Germany.

Heiko Schrader, PhD

Heiko first visited the Hope Project in 1986, and soon after established the German charitable fundraising association for the Hope Project, “Lebenshilfe für notleidende Menschen in Indien e.V.” where he is the chairperson. He serves as advisor to the Indian Hope Board. Heiko is a professor of sociology at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany. As a sociologist he is concerned, among other things, with research about miserable living conditions among poor people in low-income habitats and communalism in Indian society.

Madhura Cuadra

Madhura had a retail business for 30 years in San Francisco. She has facilitated peer support groups and co-taught facilitator and resilience trainings using the Attitudinal Healing modality. She currently organizes retreats and spiritual programs.

Quan Yin Lynne Williams, MD

Quan Yin was on the board of Hope Project India for nearly five years, beginning in 2005. A now-retired pediatrician and psychiatrist, she has a deep commitment to children’s health, education and well-being. She serves as a sheikha in the Sufi Ruhaniat International, which has been her spiritual home for over forty-five years. Quan Yin has been honored to serve on many boards of many organizations (local, regional, international) and is glad to honor those who are now serving! She remains committed to fundraising for the Hope Project, anytime and anywhere!

Samiur Rahman, Executive Director

Samiur has served as the executive director of the Hope Project India since 2010. A Master of Social Work, Samiur has a rich and longstanding experiences working in various capacities and places in India with strong focus on community development. Samiur has served as consultant for specific assignments for state, national, and international organizations. When he joined the Hope Project in 2010, he took a conscious step in directing his skills towards developing the grass-roots organization to become a stable, sustainable support center in its community and to carry its success to more and more areas.