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December 2023

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

December 2023

From the ED’s Desk

Hope Project India Newsletter December 2023

English Language & Personality Development

Dear friends,
It’s a true joy to see the snowball effect our work has had in Nizamuddin Basti and our Trans-Yamuna communities. With every new person we reach, our visibility grows. Increasing demand for health services, educational and livelihood opportunities could only be met due to your invaluable support and contribution on a regular basis. We thank you for accompanying us in the journey to build confidences and spread Hope among the beneficiaries.

Our creche has had to open a third group with its own teacher due to the growing demand. Most of these children are first generation learners. Many of the girls from our Non-formal-School pursue a higher education at the universities of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Right now, 42 girls and 11 boys are enrolled at university after graduation from our school; two girls are going to classes for a law degree, having begun their schooling with Hope at level 1.

English language & personality development courses started end of October for students of the Non-Formal-School, vocational
trainees, as well as youngsters from the communities. The aim is to further comprehension, reading-, writing- and speaking skills. Furthermore, the curriculum covers personality development, health and hygiene, leadership skills, public speaking and interview skills. The skills as well as the added confidence will assure the participants better career options.

A four-day TOT (Training of Trainers) was facilitated by the experts from Modicare Foundation on Adolescents’ Reproductive and Sexual Health. 16 staff members from Hope’s education, health and vocational skills participated in the workshop. The content included 10 core life skills, physical-, psychological- and social change during puberty, bullying and peer pressure, sexual abuse & the POCSO act (Protection of Children from
Sexual Offences), substance abuse and attraction to others. Myths and misconceptions related to sex and sexuality was emphasized with the objectives of developing knowledge and correct information. Trained staff members will ensure institutionalization of the subjects in Hope’s overall education curriculum.

An effective cooperation with the Centre for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Science of Jamia Millia Islamia University resulted in an event at Hope with 150 patients receiving treatment from doctors and interns. Together, the importance of physical activity and physiotherapy were relayed, specifically to patients suffering from ailments like osteoarthritis.

Delegates from Indian Bank (nationalized) visited the Hope Project and met with staff and students. Zonal Manager Mrs. Mamta Kumari had a motivational session with the students of Non-Formal-School, providing teaching & learning material for the students. The bank also generously donated medicine at our clinic. We are grateful and hopeful for a continued network.
Photo: English language &personality development

Life Saved

Hope Project India Newsletter December 2023


Noorjahan, deserted by her husband and family, had been living under a bridge with multiple other homeless people. Our outreach workers know and visit regularly, literally reaching out and helping with Hope whenever possible. One of those workers found Noorjahan terribly weakened from severe menstrual bleeding lasting over two weeks. Although the clinic is just down the road, she had no strength to get there herself. Hope’s outreach worker helped her change and brought her to the clinic where she was seen by the medical director and treated at the clinic until the government hospital was able to see her. Terrifyingly, she was diagnosed with a tumor. After more visits and tests, she received curative surgery. Hope’s outreach workers took turns accompanying her, holding her hand and supporting her. Noorjahan is alive and well
– we are so very glad!

Skills Empower

Hope Project India Newsletter December 2023

Zanaib and her trainees

At 18, Zainab was reluctant to pursue a college education after completing her 12th standard. Her father works a laborious day-job, her brother in a shop. Her mother works at home and her sister just finished 12th standard too. Zainab had a very specific dream. She joined Hope’s vocational training centre in Seelampur and enrolled in the Beauty Culture course. Zainab especially enjoyed learning the art of Mehndi application (skin painting). Passionate about her profession, she was determined to start her own parlour, and did so in a room in the family home. She has gone so far as to become a teacher to other young women, currently she has eight students. Zainab has doubled her income within a remarkably short time frame, thus supporting herself and contributing to her family’s income. She is self-sufficient and empowered AND helping others to follow her lead.

Hope Project India Newsletter December 2023

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ED’s Report – January to August 2023

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

ED’s Report – January to August 2023

With the increasing demand for programmes and services from the community, The Hope Project has been engaged with the community to evolve consensus on the real and felt needlooking for solution or to address the relevant issues simultaneously. Also, we have enriched our programmes through promoting community participation, building capacity and raising awareness among the people in the project areas of Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin and resettlement communities in Trans- Yamuna.
The major highlights of the period under reference are:
1.Finance and Administration

  • All the compliances related to EPF, ESI, Income Tax strictly followed. No pending matter.
  • Meeting of the Trustees and Board of Directors held at Sawai Madhopur. All those present visited the site of Kids in Nature.
  • Annual Operational Plan and Budget for all the Units of Hope prepared and presented before the Trustees and Directors for perusal and approval.

2. Kids In Nature

Regarding the progress in construction, the following sections will be completed within a period of 2 months:

  • 20 huts for accommodation
  • Caretaker’s residence
  • Water tank
  • Bathrooms and toilets

Other progress made:

  • Approved electricity connection from State Government
  • Approach road

Pending Issues:

  • Part of boundary wall
  • Tree plantation & Landscape

3. Programmes related:

  • Republic Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm, Students participated in patriotic songs and skits.
  • Annual Exhibition was organised with great zeal after three-long years with the theme Global Warming.
  • Workshop on Adolescence Issues was organised by Modicare Foundation for the staff and students of Hope.
  • Out of 56 children enrolled in Creche, 16 were diagnosed with malnutrition of Grade I. Supplementary nutrition helped them to become normal. Mothers were also sensitized on related issues. Emphasis on vocabulary and concept building in the Creche.
  • Increasing enrollment in Pre-Primary. 59 children mainstreamed this year.
  • 74 students from Pre-Primary and 4 teachers and 2 Support Staff enjoyed picnic at Nandan Van Park.
  • Increasing enrollment led to add one more classroom for Nursery level. Currently the total enrollment in Pre-Primary is 130 children.
  • Increasing enrollment in HNFS.
  • Extra-curricular activities in education have been emphasized on. Origami workshops, adolescence workshop and life-skills workshops were conducted.
  • 17th June (Death Anniversary of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan) has been declared and celebrated as Annual Day as a token of tribute to our founder. Extraordinary students and achievers were given prizes to motivate them.
  • Full time home science teacher has been appointed in Hope Non-Formal School.
  • Exchange programs resumed. 5 students of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road joined us in May and conducted sessions on waste management and use of computer.
  • Independence Day celebrated and various competitions were held on this occasion.


  • 9 vocational training centres in Nizamuddin and Trans-Yamuna areas. 199 beneficiaries are currently learning the skills in cutting and tailoring, beauty culture and zardozi.
  • Workshop on Adolescence Issues and Life Skills was organised by Modicare Foundation for vocational centres in Nizamuddin as well as Trans-Yamuna in the month of January.
  • A CPR session was held with the Youth Forum members volunteered by an American student volunteer named Adeeb.
  • A short-term course in Advanced Excel held. 45 trainees completed it successfully.
  • 4 of our beneficiaries visited German Embassy kitchen and gained exposure and experience of working with main chefs of the Embassy.
  • Summer Camp in June. Cooking classes, mehndi course, art & craft, music, storytelling sessions held.
  • Baking classes were held. The trainees showcased their skills at the time of exhibition.
  • 65 Self-Help Groups currently. Bank reconciliation done till March.
  • Besides Hope Non-Formal School children, 54 community youth are currently enrolled in the computer classes.
  • One of our computer trainees is currently working as a part of SHG.

Higher Education:

  • 3 students from Hope Non-Formal School are pursuing higher studies.2 of them appeared in CUET (Common University Entrance Test). One of them is pursuing LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law). One girl has enrolled in Undergraduate course at IGNOU.
  • Willingness to get higher education has led to 6 of our Youth Forum members appear in CUET.
  • 8 students from Youth Forum in total have been enrolled in Undergraduate Courses of Delhi University/ IGNOU. Mahesh, Vivek and Danish have got admission in regular courses in Delhi University.
  • 3 Youth Forum Members (Anjum, Anas and Aman) are pursuing course of Digital Marketing.


  • 1 Health Mela was organised with participation of 190 beneficiaries.
  • The team of Faculty of Dentistry of Jamia Milia Islamia organized awareness programme against tobacco consumption.
  • Parivar Seva Sansthan collaborated with us to spread awareness of menstrual hygiene and reproductive health.


  • Annual Report 2021-22 published.
  • Newsletter for June-2023 completed.
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Newsletter July 2023

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter July 2023

Kids-in-Nature Resort Under Construction

Hope Project Newsletter - Kids in Nature Resort

Resort for Kids In Nature

July 2023
Dear friends,
Our aim has always been to provide health care, enable education, teach skills and promote income-generation to those struggling within our communities. I extend my heartiest gratitude to the donors and board members. As you know, all our programs were born of an unmet need within the community. Every single one of them is necessary and possible with your support and dedication. We are especially proud of one of our newest developments.

Our Kids in Nature Project originated to provide the children with the opportunity of practical exposure to nature. Facilitated by their teachers and trainers, the kids experience an open and natural environment outside of a classroom. Our goal is to offer a holistic experience of learning, being and feeling. With this in mind, we have expanded and are developing a campus ‘Eco Resort Sustainable Environment, Education & Training, KIDS IN NATURE’ in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, near the world heritage Ranthambore National Tiger Park. The construction of huts and caretaker residence is almost completed. We have found a cost-effective, noise-free and environment friendly source of energy by installing a solar water pump. The plants selected are suitable for that land and climate enabling further plantation. We are very excited to have revived our volunteering programs, post pandemic. The exchange of learning experiences and culture between volunteers and Hope’s staff is wonderfully beneficial.

Hope Project Newsletter - Honoring Students

Prize for Best Student (Pre-primary)

Hope Project has achieved a benchmark in its own history by provided academic & financial support to all the students. On the day of death of – and in honour of – our beloved Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, we now celebrate ‘Annual Day’ where men, women and children receive awards and prizes for exemplifying the inspiration of our Pir Vilayat. The recipients receive recognition for their excellent performances and contributions in their respective fields. This year the students prepared the Annual Exhibition on the day of death of Pir o Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. It was after three long years that such an event took place. The purpose of this year’s exhibition was to break the monotonous chain of learning and work and to make the programs more engaging and fun.
The theme was “Global Warming & Climate Change”. The students, trainees and staff from all our programs participated with their whole heart, displaying crafts, models and charts. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Martin Van Neerven, Principal of the German School, New Delhi, India. The visitors included the parents, community members and members of alike institutions who appreciated the work done.

Happy Childhood

Hope Project Newsletter - Happy Childhood

Zahida in the middle

Zahida is the only daughter of Akeejah Begum, who works as a domestic help. Deserted by her husband, Akeejah had to work to survive. Zahida was four-year old when she was brought to creche. Unexpressive and uninterested in other kids, she always used to lie down all the time and talk to herself. The creche coordinator took note and found her emotional development was stunted. Befriending her, she found out that the domestic violence between her parents left Zahida traumatized. With regular counseling by the creche coordinator, Zahida started to play and talk to her and later made some friends in her group. Now, Zahida has been enrolled in local government primary school. She is a happy, laughing child and a good learner. She plays with friends and enjoys being social. Her mother says that Zahida tries to speak English words at home, talks a lot, and is wonderfully naughty. Akeejah looks happy when she comes to pick up Zahida from the crèche. She remains grateful to Hope for standing by her side.

Rebuilding Lives

Hope Project Newsletter - Rebuilding Lives

Muskan with Her Sewing Machine

Muskan, now 18, was only a child when her father passed away. Her mother had to work as a packer to support her family of five daughters. The girls could not continue their studies because of the instability prevailing. Muskan came to know about Hope’s vocational centre at Seelampur and enrolled in Cutting & Tailoring as well as Beauty Culture courses. She learned diligently. Amidst the rocky financial condition, two of her sisters passed away within a few weeks gap and the mother lost her job. Knowing about the misery and hardships, the coordinator of the vocational programs intervened and Muskan was provided with a sewing machine and a beauty kit from Hope free of cost. With the support from Hope & using her acquired skills Muskan started earning income. Her hard work has improved the financial condition of the house to great extent. She thinks her future has taken a new turn and to open her own boutique one day!

Written by Samiur Rahman and Elisabeth Henschel Edited by Heiko Schrader

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Newsletter November 2022

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter November 2022

November, 2022

Dear Friends of the Hope Project,

I want to tell you about two ongoing Hope programs that continue to inspire us!

The first is The Storydancer Project (TSP), at TheStorydancerProject.org. For twenty years, our dear friend, international Storydancer and TSP founder/director, Zuleikha, has spent three to four months of each of those years at the Hope Project, offering self-care movement and music programs. Over recent years, she has trained six Hope Project facilitators in her Transformative Self-Care Practice to disseminate throughout the school, its programs, and the community. Creating a friendship that fosters connection, beauty, and love, her annual arrival is met with joyous anticipation. She is a true community builder who has given counsel to each executive director, staff member, and health director, sharing gratitude, compassion for others, kindness, authentic presence, and playfulness.

Zuleikha writes:

The Storydancer Project has been in partnership with the Hope Project for many years. We focus on self-care exercise through our trained facilitators at Hope. We work inside of the Basti where the community is traditionally Muslim, often living in poverty, with large families, and where the majority had never exercised on any regular basis.

Over time, through TSP’s self-care facilitation in the school, vocational trainings, medical clinic, and out in the community, as well as through the mobile health units, we have seen the way that health for body, mind, and spirit is now making its way into the community members at large. This is due to the consistent presence of the Hope Project, and our work together. The Hope Project is a beacon for efforts to educate people in so many areas. Even during the pandemic, the Hope Project found ways to continue these works with so many community members! Helping Hope creates a better world from the Basti neighborhood outward. We are pleased to be able to continue this work.

Kids in Nature - The Children's Ashram FundAnother program that fosters much enthusiasm and excitement is Kids In Nature. As Zuleikha has said, Hope is a beacon of potential for children; Kids in Nature has been having an impact on kids for over twenty years. Starting as a bus ride to other states in India and to the ocean, kids experienced the wonder of the sea and countryside, far from home, camping for the very first time. Now we are developing a campsite park surrounded by nature where they will experience how to grow food and care for animals, all of which will enhance awareness of the balance of nature.

Kids in Nature - The Children's Ashram FundCity life for children who are poor or homeless is one of stress and survival. Being in nature allows them the freedom to just let go and play fully and safely. The pandemic limited camping for the last two years, so we are very excited as we anticipate our first camping experience in our new park this October. The park is three to four hours away from Delhi. Children and their families, from both Delhi and Rajasthan, will be coming together to create a campsite with clean water, a vegetable and fruit garden, and an opportunity to plant trees around the land.

Kids in Nature - The Children's Ashram FundOne of Hope Project’s guidelines is to value the integrity and uniqueness of each individual, and to foster their individuation, self-reliance, and self-care. Zuleikha and so many others in the 47- year history of the Project have contributed to this practical ideal. The Project is a beacon of love, harmony, and beauty that binds so many people around the world. It is a model for building community.

Your donations have been a lifeline for so many. Please consider how you can contribute to our continued work at Hope Project India.

With deep appreciation,

Richard Cuadra

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Newsletter March 2022

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter March 2022

March 2022

Dear Friends of the Hope Project,

I want to share with you what transpired at the February 2022 Hope Project Board meetings.
To connect and be clear about our guidance, we begin each meeting reading our vision, mission, and value statements. Each time we do this practice, it deepens our understanding of service, inspiration, love, harmony, and beauty.
This year we again met on Zoom with staff reporting on their departments. We were all excited to see each other, and we laughed a lot, remembering our numerous in-person gatherings. We are hopeful that we might meet face to face again next year.

Last May a number of staff had loved ones die due to Covid: uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends, and neighbors. The staff have been through four lockdowns and continue to witness unemployment, despair, depression, and general uncertainty about money, food, and work.

It was reported that hundreds of Indian nonprofits have not survived the lockdowns. The staff are so grateful that the Hope Project chose not to lay off people and that salaries were continued. For the last six months, the Project has vacillated between being open and shut, allowing kids to come and then not, and shifting from in-person to online teaching. Because parents lost their jobs, some of the older kids were put to work, finding jobs that pay less than what parents make, but it’s something.

Staff reported that they have to be available many more hours because the kids do not stay online, or have poor service or no service, or don’t have a computer at their home. The kids get depressed; they feel the pressure to work and need their teachers to talk with about the stresses brought on by the pandemic. To meet the need, the staff have increased their social service and counseling support. The teachers make time to visit, listen, and work with the children at their homes, and encourage them to stay engaged. On these visits, dry goods, milk, and eggs are delivered, as nutritious food has often been difficult to obtain.

The Medical Mobil Unit is working ten to twelve hours a day, six days a week, delivering medications and supplies. Some staff take buses, trains, and taxis to get to the other three neighborhoods served on the outskirts of Delhi. They bring medications and health supplies and offer support in the way of talking circles and education. The communities of the Basti and around Delhi are strong. With prayer, their will endures to meet the challenges of each day.

Evening courses (Non-Formal school) have continued for students who work or need to qualify for returning to formal school. The teachers are devoted to service, and this inspires them to put in long, 12-hour workdays to accommodate the students.

Ground has been broken in Rajasthan to build a campsite for the Kids In Nature program. A well has been dug, a boundary wall is two-thirds complete, and the foundations for tents and cabins are being laid. Children will be going to the land this year to plant gardens and trees, and to camp. This has generated much excitement!
You are part of this caravan of love, harmony, and beauty that adds to the nutritious and delicious service that is Hope.

Thank you.
With gratitude,

Richard Cuadra, chair, board of trustees

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Newsletter December 2021

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter December 2021

Hope Project Newsletter, December 2021

written by Samiur Rahman and Elisabeth Henschel; edited by Heiko Schrader

Overcoming Challenges: Hope Brings Back Life in The Project

Dear friends,

As it has all over the world, Covid-19 has altered life as we know it here in Delhi, here in the Basti. Too many lives have been lost, too many of our near and dear ones gone forever. Many in our community have lost their livelihood and it is slow and tedious trying to find new jobs. The children lost their source of socialization and regular live education for many months.

Hope never lost contact with its beneficiaries though. With the distributions of dry rations to the families in need, milk and eggs for the children and online teaching we were able to stay in contact with the neighborhood. When the second wave subsided, we were also able to assess the situations better through personal interactions and visits to people’s homes. This helped to keep families from migrating back to their rural homes, trips that would surely be more dangerous than beneficial at this point.

We are relieved and glad to report that the MMU and Health Centre are providing medical care for people in need again, both in the Basti and in our Trans-Yamuna communities. In this time of need, we have also expanded our service area and have reached hundreds of new patients, all of them with no other access to healthcare.

The educational programs including Creche, Pre-Primary, Non-Formal School, Tuition and Evening School have been able to resume, of course taking the necessary hygienic precautions. Several of our students have been able to finish their schooling with us and a few have gone on to enroll at PGDAV college, University of Delhi, others have started their vocational training with Hope. We are so very proud of all of them.

While we are all still struggling, your donations and your endless support have made it possible for us to keep our doors “open,” to provide for and assist a community that would otherwise be cast aside or forgotten. Thank you for always believing in our work — you make it possible.

Mothers collect eggs and milk - Hope Project India
Hope Students enrolled in University

Iram Kamal Parvez — A Journey to Health

Iram in hospital - Hope Project IndiaIram has been a student of Hope’s evening support class since 2019. Her family has been facing tremendous financial issues because both her parents are severely ill. Her father needed extensive surgery and her mother suffers from a hernia complication. The only income in the family came from her brother who is employed in Mumbai. To add to their miseries, Iram’s appendix burst, requiring her to undergo multiple surgeries. An alarming situation arose when due to the complete lockdown, her doctors left the treatment halfway, which left her bed-ridden. When lockdown ended, she went for a check-up, but her doctors determined that Iram was too weak for further surgery. The whole matter was discussed in a meeting conducted by Hope’s executive director, wherein it was decided that Hope would be providing financial as well as medical help. Subsequently, food and medicine were delivered on daily basis to her home by one of Hope’s outreach workers. After two months, she was ready for surgery. Iram had the surgery a few days ago and it was successful. Now she is gaining strength quickly and a complete recovery is expected. We wish her good health!

Ziyan — Skilled and Self-Sustained

Ziyan - Hope Project IndiaI am Ziyan, a 16-year-old boy studying in XIth class in the government school. I started my education in the pre-primary of Hope Project. I am able to support my family. Thanks to Hope! I was interested in computers from the very beginning so with my elder brother’s suggestion, I joined Hope and learnt the basic skills of computers which further proved beneficial for me as I started to work at a cyber cafe during lockdown. At the time of my exams, I used to come to the the Hope Project for online exams and got good marks in my exams. It was a second reason for me to be grateful to Hope for its services. Computers, to say it as a cliché, are my passion. My thirst for computer skills didn’t quench there and I started to learn Photoshop at The Hope Project. In a span of two years, I learnt almost every skill of computer and currently I earn 4000 a month and support my family. I have found Hope in the walk of my life as a strong pillar of support when I needed it the most!

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Newsletter November 2021

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter November 2021

November, 2021

Dear Friends of Hope,

With this brief note, I want to update you on the current state of the Hope Project as it resumes activity after the most recent virus surge.

At the time I am writing, 95% of Hope Project staff have been vaccinated. Vaccination rates are slowly improving in the area surrounding the main offices in Nizamuddin Basti as well as in the surrounding areas of New Delhi. Water damage to our building from recent monsoon flooding is being repaired, and painting, plastering, and mending of any leaks is in process. Half of Hope’s students have returned, attending either online, in person, or both. Staff are busy preparing to resume all classroom instruction very soon. Now that the middle class are again hiring unskilled laborers, the area has a high number of migrants returning to the city looking for work. For this reason, emergency food is still very much needed in the community.

I have attached a letter from both Pir Zia and Pir Shabda that speaks to their support of the important work of Hope.

With appreciation,
Richard Cuadra, Hope Project board presidentSufi Ideals - Pir Shabda and Pir Zia

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Newsletter September 2021

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter September 2021

September 2021

Dear friends of Hope,

Our world is full of challenges and it is easy to become overwhelmed and forget that so many people are joining, connecting, and helping each other.

I am filled with gratitude each and every day when I observe how our community (you friends of Hope!) supports the Project. Donations keep coming in, and are so appreciated, as the Project’s needs continue to grow. Many of you, I know, are helping others in your own communities as well as the Hope Project, which is inspiring — and the generosity is delicious and nutritious for the soul.

I speak with the executive director of the Project, Samiur Rahman, every two or three weeks to support him with the complexities of the Project and keep current with the Hope Project challenges. He has recovered from Covid and says he feels fine, but when I ask again with a little more curiosity, he says he is often more fatigued than usual. His daughter and wife are fully recovered and back to their usual activities.

Samiur reports that it has been raining and flooding in Delhi for three solid days. The surrounding streets of the Project have water about two inches high, and some seepage is getting into their building, but they have been able to keep the Project dry. As you can imagine, the homeless in Delhi struggle with so much water, as there is little protection. The Project is offering food and funds to help the migrants who keep moving from town to town. Like everywhere in Delhi, jobs have decreased, so giving milk and eggs to more and more who need food is the job at hand. Tourism has been very low, but Indians are beginning to travel and feel hopeful about life returning to some new normal.

Staff at the Project are fully vaccinated, the population of the Basti is 50% vaccinated, and Delhi is around 40%. Considering the challenges in getting the vaccine distributed in India, these numbers are positive and hopeful. The Project has focused on demystifying the vaccine by providing education regarding its effectiveness and safety in addition to facts about personal health and how to stay safe. Covid hospitalizations have declined, and cases in Delhi are slowly decreasing.

Children in the 9th through 12th grades are attending classes, and younger children have a combination of coming to school and working from home. Preschool is closed because it’s safer and more available to have childcare at home. Staff are back at work, checking in with families, and keeping people aware of what services are available.

Dr Lipi has had a recurrence of breast cancer and is receiving chemotherapy. Although she is very tired, she is helping guest doctors who are filling in until she can return. Please add her to your healing circles, she is a gift of healing and love, and we want her back in full health.

Again, all of the Project staff are grateful and feel the support of this growing community of compassion and generosity. Your support continues to provide a vision of an improved life for all.

With gratitude,

Richard Cuadra, Chair, Children’s Ashram Fund

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Newsletter August 2021

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter August 2021

From Carmen Hussain (board member); edited by Samiur Rahman (executive director) and Heiko Schrader (board member):

August 18, 2021

I hope you are all safe and sound and have had a good summer. I have just returned from Kashmir and had a meeting with Samiur at Hope. The Covid-19 situation in Delhi is still uncertain, there are only very few fresh Covid cases in Delhi, but the government is playing it safe, not opening up the schools yet. There is also a strong fear, that a third wave is coming in September or October; certainly this has an effect on Hope. Therefore, I was very amazed to see the place busy and bustling as always, without the kids being there.

Since the government still restricts schools from opening, the Project now has a new strategy. All the employees come to the office and from there they deliver directly to the community whatever is possible and necessary. Small groups of students, especially those who will have exams coming up, are invited to come directly for consultations with their teachers. The nursery and kindergarten ask the parents to pick up work assignments from the project and bring them back the next day. Along with this, they hand out materials like crayons, pencils, paper, etc., so that the kids can work at home. Also, the medical center is very busy. Kids have been monitored by the community workers visiting the families, and it has been found that a larger number of children are malnourished. There is a system in place to ensure that all the children get their milk every day and other supplements if necessary.

In Trans Yamuna all the classes are running, since they are held in private houses and therefore fall through the restriction measures. There too, ration packages are distributed to those in dire need. Altogether, the project has changed systems to immediately support the community with what is needed right now. Vaccination has been promoted for anyone above 18 years. The government has failed to deliver vaccines for everyone free of cost, so that Hope now organizes for their youngsters and adults to get vaccinated in the private hospitals, and pays for it. All staff members have had at least one vaccine, and some are fully vaccinated.

I was happy to see Asha back in office, and our new school coordinator, Dr. Sumbul, also seemed to have grown into the work and the community. I am sure that Samiur, together with his team, will come up with more changes for now, until things can go back to normal (if that ever happens). The place is full of energy again and the current issues are addressed right away. Sadly, Dr. Lipi has fallen seriously ill and will need some time to recover. However, the medical program is well prepared to handle all that is necessary in the meantime.

Our KIN (Kids in Nature) Rajasthan program is also busy by constructing the boundary wall and drilling the well as the minimum infrastructure required to start activities. We will go visit the site by the end of September to see how we can implement the next steps and deal with pending formalities.

All best wishes, and many thanks to our donors,

Carmen, Samiur and Heiko, 8 August, 2021
…and from Samiur Rahman, executive director

My Dear Friends,
I hope this mail finds you all well. It has been a long time since I met / communicated with you. On behalf of myself & my family members, I express sincere thanks & gratitude for the prayers of all of you during our illness due to coronavirus. Currently we are all fine. Both Shaista & I have taken the first dose of the vaccine, as advised by the doctor. My son-in-law & daughter will get the first dose after 15 August.

Pir Shabda, Mr. Richard, Ms. Madhura, Ms. Waduda, Brinda, Dr. Lynne Williams, Saki, Halim, and Zuleikha have always been in contact & also informed me of your best wishes & prayers for the well being of my family at the time of crisis. May Almighty Allah keep all of you in good health & peace of mind forever.

The pandemic is not over. Hope has always been at the doorstep of our beneficiaries during the pandemic. We are doing our best to serve those in need. Due to the emerging areas of concerns, there are new challenges & issues. We have developed strategies and approaches to deal with these. We have been successful in our endeavour and our teamwork continues to bring smiles to the face of our beneficiaries.

Thank you again,
Warm regards,

Samiur Rahman

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Newsletter July 2021

Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter July 2021

July 2021

Dear friends of Hope,

I am intent on keeping you informed as to the status of Hope Project India as it navigates India’s second wave of the COVID crisis.

As mentioned in my last communication, a large number of the staff contracted Covid, including Hope’s executive director, Samiur Rahman, and his wife, Shaista. Although Samiur and Shaista have recovered from the acute stage of illness, their energy remains low. I was taken aback to hear Samiur’s voice so weakened and without its usual vibrancy and energy. God willing, he and the other affected staff will fully recover. Currently, Samiur has been able to go into the project two or three days a week.

During the second lockdown period beginning May 5, 2021, Hope Project’s Health program (Hope Health) continued online communication and visits by community health workers to assess the needs of the community. Through networking with the various health agencies, Hope set up three temporary stations for the distribution of free emergency medications and equipment, as well as access to virus testing, vaccination, and emergency hospital admission. Rations and the distribution of milk and eggs to those suffering from illness and tuberculosis has become essential to the community. The distribution of condoms and sanitary pads also are important in maintaining community health.

The infection rate due to the second wave of the coronavirus has decreased considerably as compared to the peak during May 2021. After a strict five-week lockdown, the Delhi government allowed several activities with a 50% staffing level. Hope Health resumed in-person primary care treatment and consultation as of June 8, 2021. The beneficiaries of the services include a large number of homeless and elderly.

Dr. Lipi Dhar, Hope Health’s medical director, writes that it is their intention to resume more community public health services as lockdown restrictions in Delhi are gradually lifted over the month of July. In the meantime, it has been an opportunity for staff development and education, including attendance at a training program at the Nehru Nagar Chest Centre.

Additional good news is that the Kalliopeia Foundation Fund has granted the Hope Project $7,000, which is huge boost to our mission.

Yours in service,

Richard Cuadra
Chair, Children’s Ashram Fund
Board member, Hope Project

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