Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter August 2021

From Carmen Hussain (board member); edited by Samiur Rahman (executive director) and Heiko Schrader (board member):

August 18, 2021

I hope you are all safe and sound and have had a good summer. I have just returned from Kashmir and had a meeting with Samiur at Hope. The Covid-19 situation in Delhi is still uncertain, there are only very few fresh Covid cases in Delhi, but the government is playing it safe, not opening up the schools yet. There is also a strong fear, that a third wave is coming in September or October; certainly this has an effect on Hope. Therefore, I was very amazed to see the place busy and bustling as always, without the kids being there.

Since the government still restricts schools from opening, the Project now has a new strategy. All the employees come to the office and from there they deliver directly to the community whatever is possible and necessary. Small groups of students, especially those who will have exams coming up, are invited to come directly for consultations with their teachers. The nursery and kindergarten ask the parents to pick up work assignments from the project and bring them back the next day. Along with this, they hand out materials like crayons, pencils, paper, etc., so that the kids can work at home. Also, the medical center is very busy. Kids have been monitored by the community workers visiting the families, and it has been found that a larger number of children are malnourished. There is a system in place to ensure that all the children get their milk every day and other supplements if necessary.

In Trans Yamuna all the classes are running, since they are held in private houses and therefore fall through the restriction measures. There too, ration packages are distributed to those in dire need. Altogether, the project has changed systems to immediately support the community with what is needed right now. Vaccination has been promoted for anyone above 18 years. The government has failed to deliver vaccines for everyone free of cost, so that Hope now organizes for their youngsters and adults to get vaccinated in the private hospitals, and pays for it. All staff members have had at least one vaccine, and some are fully vaccinated.

I was happy to see Asha back in office, and our new school coordinator, Dr. Sumbul, also seemed to have grown into the work and the community. I am sure that Samiur, together with his team, will come up with more changes for now, until things can go back to normal (if that ever happens). The place is full of energy again and the current issues are addressed right away. Sadly, Dr. Lipi has fallen seriously ill and will need some time to recover. However, the medical program is well prepared to handle all that is necessary in the meantime.

Our KIN (Kids in Nature) Rajasthan program is also busy by constructing the boundary wall and drilling the well as the minimum infrastructure required to start activities. We will go visit the site by the end of September to see how we can implement the next steps and deal with pending formalities.

All best wishes, and many thanks to our donors,

Carmen, Samiur and Heiko, 8 August, 2021
…and from Samiur Rahman, executive director

My Dear Friends,
I hope this mail finds you all well. It has been a long time since I met / communicated with you. On behalf of myself & my family members, I express sincere thanks & gratitude for the prayers of all of you during our illness due to coronavirus. Currently we are all fine. Both Shaista & I have taken the first dose of the vaccine, as advised by the doctor. My son-in-law & daughter will get the first dose after 15 August.

Pir Shabda, Mr. Richard, Ms. Madhura, Ms. Waduda, Brinda, Dr. Lynne Williams, Saki, Halim, and Zuleikha have always been in contact & also informed me of your best wishes & prayers for the well being of my family at the time of crisis. May Almighty Allah keep all of you in good health & peace of mind forever.

The pandemic is not over. Hope has always been at the doorstep of our beneficiaries during the pandemic. We are doing our best to serve those in need. Due to the emerging areas of concerns, there are new challenges & issues. We have developed strategies and approaches to deal with these. We have been successful in our endeavour and our teamwork continues to bring smiles to the face of our beneficiaries.

Thank you again,
Warm regards,

Samiur Rahman