Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter July 2021

July 2021

Dear friends of Hope,

I am intent on keeping you informed as to the status of Hope Project India as it navigates India’s second wave of the COVID crisis.

As mentioned in my last communication, a large number of the staff contracted Covid, including Hope’s executive director, Samiur Rahman, and his wife, Shaista. Although Samiur and Shaista have recovered from the acute stage of illness, their energy remains low. I was taken aback to hear Samiur’s voice so weakened and without its usual vibrancy and energy. God willing, he and the other affected staff will fully recover. Currently, Samiur has been able to go into the project two or three days a week.

During the second lockdown period beginning May 5, 2021, Hope Project’s Health program (Hope Health) continued online communication and visits by community health workers to assess the needs of the community. Through networking with the various health agencies, Hope set up three temporary stations for the distribution of free emergency medications and equipment, as well as access to virus testing, vaccination, and emergency hospital admission. Rations and the distribution of milk and eggs to those suffering from illness and tuberculosis has become essential to the community. The distribution of condoms and sanitary pads also are important in maintaining community health.

The infection rate due to the second wave of the coronavirus has decreased considerably as compared to the peak during May 2021. After a strict five-week lockdown, the Delhi government allowed several activities with a 50% staffing level. Hope Health resumed in-person primary care treatment and consultation as of June 8, 2021. The beneficiaries of the services include a large number of homeless and elderly.

Dr. Lipi Dhar, Hope Health’s medical director, writes that it is their intention to resume more community public health services as lockdown restrictions in Delhi are gradually lifted over the month of July. In the meantime, it has been an opportunity for staff development and education, including attendance at a training program at the Nehru Nagar Chest Centre.

Additional good news is that the Kalliopeia Foundation Fund has granted the Hope Project $7,000, which is huge boost to our mission.

Yours in service,

Richard Cuadra
Chair, Children’s Ashram Fund
Board member, Hope Project