Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter June 2021

June 6, 2021

Dear friends of Hope,

I want to update you on the current situation at the Hope Project.

Those served by Hope are mostly daily wage workers who are unable to work. It is their children who study at the Hope Project or are cared for at the creche. However, the rapidly escalating spread of covid and lockdown necessitated that the creche and all in-person instruction shut down in April. Online computer classes were organized; few students, however, were able to join due to lack of access to smart phones and the internet. Several students could not attend due to family obligations brought on by the crisis. Additionally, several Hope staff and their family members contracted the virus.

The immediate need of the community has been for rations. All efforts have thus turned to providing food, as well as milk for babies and children. Teachers are in frequent communication with their students, giving instruction about the spread of covid-19 and the precautions to be taken, as well as general guidance on how to manage during the crisis.

Dr. Lipi, Hope Project’s medical director, and the health staff remain a critical source of health information and are an important link to resources for coronavirus testing, treatment, vaccination, and, if necessary, hospital admission. Hope has been essential to procuring supplementary medicine and equipment such as immunity booster kits, nebulizers, oxygen cylinders, oximeters, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Samiur Rahman, Hope Project’s executive director, writes:
We immediately revived our network, which was established during the previous lockdown period and started identifying the families in need. Currently a team is working in Basti, one in Trans-Yamuna & one in Sarai Kale Khan. Dry rations and milk are distributed to the families on a regular basis. We will ensure that no one starves or remains hungry.

The current survey reveals that the economic conditions of the lower middle level and poor families have become worse. With loss of livelihood opportunities and expenses incurred for treatment, they are left with nothing. Those who have lost their family members and dear ones are living in anxiety, fear, and trauma. There is a huge need to address many issues which we have yet to learn. We will not only serve our Project communities but also anywhere in Delhi in need of immediate relief and support.

We remain so very grateful for your support and interest.

Richard Cuadra, Chair, Children’s Ashram Fund