Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter November 2021

November, 2021

Dear Friends of Hope,

With this brief note, I want to update you on the current state of the Hope Project as it resumes activity after the most recent virus surge.

At the time I am writing, 95% of Hope Project staff have been vaccinated. Vaccination rates are slowly improving in the area surrounding the main offices in Nizamuddin Basti as well as in the surrounding areas of New Delhi. Water damage to our building from recent monsoon flooding is being repaired, and painting, plastering, and mending of any leaks is in process. Half of Hope’s students have returned, attending either online, in person, or both. Staff are busy preparing to resume all classroom instruction very soon. Now that the middle class are again hiring unskilled laborers, the area has a high number of migrants returning to the city looking for work. For this reason, emergency food is still very much needed in the community.

I have attached a letter from both Pir Zia and Pir Shabda that speaks to their support of the important work of Hope.

With appreciation,
Richard Cuadra, Hope Project board presidentSufi Ideals - Pir Shabda and Pir Zia