Children's Ashram Fund for Hope Project India

Newsletter September 2021

September 2021

Dear friends of Hope,

Our world is full of challenges and it is easy to become overwhelmed and forget that so many people are joining, connecting, and helping each other.

I am filled with gratitude each and every day when I observe how our community (you friends of Hope!) supports the Project. Donations keep coming in, and are so appreciated, as the Project’s needs continue to grow. Many of you, I know, are helping others in your own communities as well as the Hope Project, which is inspiring — and the generosity is delicious and nutritious for the soul.

I speak with the executive director of the Project, Samiur Rahman, every two or three weeks to support him with the complexities of the Project and keep current with the Hope Project challenges. He has recovered from Covid and says he feels fine, but when I ask again with a little more curiosity, he says he is often more fatigued than usual. His daughter and wife are fully recovered and back to their usual activities.

Samiur reports that it has been raining and flooding in Delhi for three solid days. The surrounding streets of the Project have water about two inches high, and some seepage is getting into their building, but they have been able to keep the Project dry. As you can imagine, the homeless in Delhi struggle with so much water, as there is little protection. The Project is offering food and funds to help the migrants who keep moving from town to town. Like everywhere in Delhi, jobs have decreased, so giving milk and eggs to more and more who need food is the job at hand. Tourism has been very low, but Indians are beginning to travel and feel hopeful about life returning to some new normal.

Staff at the Project are fully vaccinated, the population of the Basti is 50% vaccinated, and Delhi is around 40%. Considering the challenges in getting the vaccine distributed in India, these numbers are positive and hopeful. The Project has focused on demystifying the vaccine by providing education regarding its effectiveness and safety in addition to facts about personal health and how to stay safe. Covid hospitalizations have declined, and cases in Delhi are slowly decreasing.

Children in the 9th through 12th grades are attending classes, and younger children have a combination of coming to school and working from home. Preschool is closed because it’s safer and more available to have childcare at home. Staff are back at work, checking in with families, and keeping people aware of what services are available.

Dr Lipi has had a recurrence of breast cancer and is receiving chemotherapy. Although she is very tired, she is helping guest doctors who are filling in until she can return. Please add her to your healing circles, she is a gift of healing and love, and we want her back in full health.

Again, all of the Project staff are grateful and feel the support of this growing community of compassion and generosity. Your support continues to provide a vision of an improved life for all.

With gratitude,

Richard Cuadra, Chair, Children’s Ashram Fund